Pat began drumming when he was ten years old, his first gig in an elementary school Jazz/Rock ensemble in San Diego, CA that allowed him to soon discover that he wanted to rock and rock hard! When he started high school, he was recruited into a longhaired, head-bangin’ rock band that performed at highly regarded local venues, some stages of which Pat’s very idols had once performed. Among his band’s many achievements, they won first place in the 2008 Southern California High School “Band Joust” put on by Volcom Entertainment. In the same year, they performed at the Sunset Strip Music Festival in Hollywood, opening for the popular hard rock band, LA Guns, likely the genesis for Pat’s love for 80s metal bands. The kids were, as they say, “on a roll!”

Pat brings that same youthful energy and enthusiasm into his lessons, motivating his clients about music, and encouraging them to express it. Having fun and expressing yourself musically feeds the human spirit. It’s also great for building self-esteem.

Pat also had the good fortune of being mentored by a family friend, the late, great Nick Menza of Megadeth. Nick told Pat to, “Play hard, play loud, and play fast. Drums don’t hit back!” This advice helped Pat develop his desired sound. From age ten to eighteen, he had weekly drum instructions from various professionals and continues lessons today, always learning and trying on new methods, and sharing worthy tips and tricks with his students.

Though Pat began giving drum lessons while he was in high school, he took a leave to attend  The University of Oregon, where he got a business degree, and soon thereafter in May 2018, moved to Bend, OR. He resumed teaching and playing with various bands of different genres. He feels fortunate to be able to do what he loves. Play hard, play loud, and play fast!




I have a teaching curriculum that will be provided for the student, progressively becoming more difficult adding ornamental pieces one by one to your personal drummers tool kit. 

If you're not looking for a full drummer’s curriculum, I will make sure to pertain each lesson to each individuals specific learning interests and needs; every drummer is different. Whether you need help brushing up your favorite grooves, songs, or techniques, I am here to help. I put a major emphasis on people finding their own musical voice. Every person has their own voice in music, and together we can find yours.

My students will focus on:

-Proper technique (learning how to make the kit work for you, movement efficiency, stick grip, foot technique, posture, etc.).

-All different styles of music, their variations, and their similarities throughout genres.

-How to read sheet music and use a system created to learn how to write your own personal grooves and fills.

-Rudiments in both single surface and full drum set form.

-Sticking exercises.

-Hi-hat stepping's and openings.

-Tom grooves and fills.

-And of course how to have fun and express yourself musically.

Currently I am offering lessons at my studio in North Bend. My priority is my students, so we can always figure out a time that works for both of us.

Keep practicing everybody!


Bend, Oregon 97701, United States

(858) 248-0690

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